Capabilities Statement

S & S Commercial, Inc. specializes in demolition projects of all types and sizes, including structural steel buildings 50′ in height or larger. We provide a range of environmental remediation, asbestos abatement, lead abatement, and soil remediation and backfill services. We focus on determining the most safe and efficient approach to completing each and every project we take on. We will almost ALWAYS finish ahead of schedule and without incident. S & S Commercial, Inc. makes tremendous progress in a short period of time.

S & S Commercial, Inc. is interested in any demolition project of any type or size. We can handle all asbestos and lead abatement and contaminated soil remediation. We look for levee restoration work, removal of mechanical and industrial components including demolishing structural steel buildings. We have experience in secured settings, such as at NASA, and port work.

Based in the New Orleans, Louisiana area, we have completed projects in the southern Gulf Coast States, including Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. We are listed on ISNetwork, and we are currently performing all types of maintenance work and demolition work inside the electrical plants in Louisiana.

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